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TPU Light Tint - Blue

$19.99 USD
$16.99 USD

Product description

Material: Premium Plus TPU material Headlight film
Finish/Texture: Clear Gloss Transparent
Protective Top Layer: Yes. Remove to stretch and/or after installation.
Thickness: 5 mils
Longevity: 3-4 years, depending on geographical location, strength & amount of sun
Adhesive: Repositional, Clear and Non-Permanent
Application: Wet or Dry on vehicle lenses
Usage: Vehicle headlights, turn signals, and taillights. Any application where you need a smoked or colored transparent.

*Will bond to headlights with optically clear non-permanent glue, upgrading your vehicles look, protecting the headlight from physical and sun damage without significantly changing the output strength of your lights or it‘s color.
*Repositionable adhesive allows for repositioning multiple times without the risk of glue lines, fingerprints, marring, and other issues commonly found on headlight tints.
*Resistant against rock chips, UV proof, and scratch-resistant.
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TPU Light Tint - Blue

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