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Light Pink Matte Metallic Wrap

$84.00 USD

Product description

The light pink matte metallic vinyl wrap is crafted from a high-grade polymeric multilayered calendared vinyl film, renowned for its exceptional durability and excellent conformability. It possesses remarkable stretchability to seamlessly wrap around any vehicle edge or smooth and rigid surface with ease.

Additionally, our metallic vinyl features air-release channels that facilitate effortless repositioning and ensure a flawless installation devoid of unsightly bubbles. The high-quality adhesive facilitates effortless application and residue-free removal.

Color: Light Pink
Finish: Matte
Material: High-grade polymeric multilayered calendared vinyl
Adhesive: Pressure-sensitive solvent self-adhesive
Thickness: 4.9 mil
Durability: 3 - 5 years
Application Type: Dry
Applications: Car, trucks, motorcycles, boats, bicycles, and other vehicles, and even architectural applications like kitchen & bathroom cabinets, walls, and desks.

The light pink matte car wrap is an optimal choice for transforming your vehicle's appearance, offering a lightweight and cost-effective alternative to traditional painting methods. The matte wrap film boasts exceptional strength and flexibility, ensuring superior adhesion that effectively prevents common scratches while safeguarding the paint from dirt and exposure to harsh weather conditions.

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Light Pink Matte Metallic Wrap

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