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Headlight Tint Film - Black

Headlight Tint Film - Black

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Material: Premium Plus PVC material Headlight film
Finish/Texture: Gloss
Protective Top Layer: Yes. Remove to stretch and/or after installation.
Thickness: 5 mils
Longevity: 3-4 years, depending on geographical location, strength & amount of sun
Adhesive: Repositional, Clear and Non-Permanent
Application: Wet or Dry on vehicle lenses
Usage: Vehicle headlights, turn signals, and taillights. Any application where you need a smoked or colored transparent.

*Will bond to headlights with optically clear non-permanent glue, upgrading your vehicles look, protecting the headlight from physical and sun damage without significantly changing the output strength of your lights or it‘s color.
*Repositionable adhesive allows for repositioning multiple times without the risk of glue lines, fingerprints, marring, and other issues commonly found on headlight tints.
*Resistant against rock chips, UV proof, and scratch-resistant.

1. Measure the size you need, then use the knife to cut.
2. Choose the location to stick and clean with the wet towel.
3. Spray water thin on the surface of light.
4. Rip away the film and spray water on it.
5. Blow-dry with a heat gun to remove bubbles.
6. Use the tool again to strike off the bulb carefully as it will influence the eventual effect.
7. Use an art knife to cut the rest film.

Shipping & Returns

Every product purchased from CARLA comes with 30 days limited warranty. The warranty applies to products that have been confirmed as damaged, incomplete or mistaken (i.e. we sent the wrong product) by us, which may be replaced, exchanged or returned for a full refund at our sole discretion.

Any returns that fall outside the categories described above (damaged, incomplete or mistaken), may be returned or exchanged within thirty days of shipment only if the product is complete and unused. These returns will be subject to a 15% restocking fee (after any applicable taxes) and all return shipping charges are paid for by the customer. Refunds or exchanges will be issued as soon as we confirms receipt of the returned order.

To request a return, you need to send a reclamation letter to Your letter should contain a detailed explanation of a problem, photos / videos. 

Once return approval, the items should be mailed to the following address:
No.6, Gutang North Road, Dawang High-tech Zone, Zhaoqing High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Sihui City, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, China.


The images, colors, and finishes on the screen with physical product are approximate. If some metallization imperfections present in the product & slight color variation could occur, but both are not to be considered as a defect.

Damage to clear-coat and/or car paint is not under warranty, as it is not the fault of the vinyl film and can be caused by many different factors out of our control; Such as a damaged clear coat or paint, low quality paint job, repainted surfaces (not OEM paint) or wrong installation and/or removal technique. Please read our installation instructions for proper vinyl film removal techniques and procedures to avoid any possible damage to paint.

If you are not sure about any of the vinyl films or about wrapping, please contact us with your questions and concerns before placing an order. We are here to serve you as best as we can!

Wrap Size Guide

How much vinyl wrap do I need fully wrap my car?

Here’s a good way to help find out how much vinyl your vehicle will need:

*length of your vehicle x 3 (for the two sides & the top of the vehicle from front to back) + extra for bumpers and mistakes (5′ to 15′ depending on complexity of car and your skill level).

*Always round up to the closest roll size.

For example:
A 2016 Ford Mustang is 188 inches long:
(188″ x 3) + 10"
= 47" + 10" = 57"
The closest roll size is a 4.98" x 59"
so purchase a 4.98ft x 59ft roll.

These size charts for refer:

Please note that these chart is an approximation, you would best to take the time to measure each part of your vehicle to ensure the correct amount of vinyl is purchased. Always purchase more to account for errors or wrong measurements.

Click here to find the right size wrap for your vehicle!

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