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Grey Blue Gloss Crystal Wrap

$89.00 USD

Product description

The Gray Blue Gloss Crystal Vinyl Wrap is crafted from high-grade polymeric multilayered calendared vinyl film, which boasts exceptional durability and conformability. Its stretchable nature allows for seamless wrapping around every vehicle edge and smooth, hard surface with ease. Additionally, the wrap features air-release channels that facilitate effortless repositioning and bubble-free installation.

Color: Grey Blue
Finish: Glossy
Material: High-grade polymeric multilayered calendared vinyl
Adhesive: Pressure-sensitive solvent self-adhesive
Thickness: 4.9 mil
Durability: 3 - 5 years
Application Type: Dry
Applications: Car, trucks, motorcycles, boats, bicycles, and other vehicles, and even architectural applications like kitchen & bathroom cabinets, walls, and desks.

Our gloss crystal vinyl range is the culmination of extensive research and development, resulting in a remarkably high-gloss finish that closely resembles a factory paint job. The gloss crystal vinyl is user-friendly and easily applicable, allowing you to wrap your vehicle within the convenience of your own home, you can completely transform the appearance and ambiance of your vehicle with our gloss crystal vinyl wrap.

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Grey Blue Gloss Crystal Wrap

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