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Diamond Glitter Gloss Wrap Purple Shift Gold

$94.00 USD

Product description

The diamond glitter chameleon gloss metallic vehicle film possesses exceptional strength, remarkable flexibility, and impressive stretchability, along with outstanding adhesion capabilities that effectively combat common scratches. Moreover, it provides reliable protection for the paint against dirt accumulation and shields it from direct exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Material: High flexible Hybrid polymeric vinyl film
Adhesive: Repositionable, Slideable, Removable Acrylic Adhesive with Air Release
Color: Purple to Gold
Finish/Texture: Gloss
Thickness: 4.9 mils
Durability: 3-5 years
Application Type: Dry
Conformability: Flat, simple, and moderate compound curves, convex and concave surfaces.
Usage: Cars, motorcycles, boats, bicycles, and other vehicles. Or any other gloss smooth/curved surfaces exterior & interior applications you want to wrap.

The diamond gloss chameleon vinyl is crafted from high-quality PVC material that is environmentally friendly. It boasts a stable molecular structure and color, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy without fading. Additionally, the inclusion of metal during production enhances its shine under sunlight. The unique gradient colors lend an exceptionally stylish appearance to your vehicle. 

The chameleon metallic car wrap design incorporates micro air release channels, facilitating easy installation. A scraper can be used to expel trapped air beneath the vinyl. Furthermore, the high-quality adhesive ensures effortless application and residue-free removal. 

This gloss color shift vinyl wrap's adhesive is highly adaptable to both flat surfaces and simple to moderate compound curves, such as roofs, hoods, trunks, bumpers, fenders, mirror covers, dashboards, spoilers, side pillar bars, rims, door handles, interior trimmings of vehicles; as well as cell phone and laptops. It is also suitable for bonding cabinets and other home furniture.

Product Features: 
Super Vinyl 
*Using high polymer PVC vinyl 
*Double casting and solidification process 
*Super stretchability and weather resistance 
Initial Low Viscosity Glue 
*Low-viscosity glue 
*Firmly adhered without degumming 
*Easy to install 
Super Air Release 
*Super high-density air channels 
*Dry application no air bubbles 
*Exclude air very fast 
Super Stretchable 
*Up to 5 times ductility 
*Stretch does not change color, does not break 
*Perfect fit to large arc body 
*If the vinyl is wrinkled during construction 
*Heat up with a heat gun to restore 
*Do not damage the car paint after removing 
*Protection of the car paint always as new 
*Keep the car in value 
Long Durability 
*Outdoor durability up to 3-5 years 
*Resistance to high and low temperature 
*UV resistant 
Good Conformity 
*No cracking 
*Perfect wrap the full car body 
*Similar to the original paint

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Diamond Glitter Gloss Wrap Purple Shift Gold

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