All about the vinyl wrap you should know

All about the vinyl wrap you should know

Q: What is the material of the car color change film?
A: The color changing film is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. The original use was for outdoor advertising or advertising stickers on buses. But now it has since evolved into a color changing film for car stickers!

Q: Is there any difference in the production process?
A: Yes, it is divided into two levels, "casting grade" and "rolling grade" level!

Q: What is the difference between "casting grade" and "rolling grade"?
1. The casting film has stronger UV resistance, and it will not fade for up to ten years.
2. Casting film has better light transmittance, the same light brightness, cast film is much brighter.
3. Casting film has excellent shrink resistance. On the premise of the same thermal expansion and contraction, the shrinkage of the casting grade material is only one-third of that of the rolled grade material. Therefore, the casting grade film can be spliced at least 1 mm when stitching.
4. Casting film is not easy to shrink when stretched.
5. Cast grade materials have good ductility and low temperature resistance. The casting grade material is quite thin and soft, it is easy to stretch, it can easily wrap any curved surface, and it is not easy to become hard and brittle at low temperature, and easy to apply.

Q: How many layers of color changing film is made up of?
A: A total of 4 layers, consisting of a film layer, a fabric layer, a glue layer, and a base paper.

Q: Will the color changing film fade?
A: The material structure of polymer color-changing film is divided into anti-UV layer (to prevent too fast discoloration), PVC elastic memory layer (scratch, folds can be restored by heating), etc. The pigment is locked by the layer, which is not easy to fade, but some films No UV layer and PVC elastic layer, easy to fade! Especially some relatively bright colors are more prone to this kind of situation.

Q: How to check the quality of the film?
A: Use a hot air gun to heat and stretch, and when the film is stretched to a certain extent, stick the film on it, and then heat it. If the shrinkage is too strong, it can indicate that the quality of the film is not good.

Q: How can I check whether the film has lost glue?
A: Use your fingers to repeatedly pull the back glue to see if the glue will shift! Or by sticking the glue face to face, and seeing if the glue has shifted after repeating it several times.

Q: Why does the paint fall off when the film is peeled off?
A: Generally speaking, the paint surface of the non-original paint is very thin, and the quality of the original paint is not good. It is very easy to bring the paint off when tearing the film. The original paint is not peeled off.