Different Kinds of Vinyl Wrap You Should Know

Different Kinds of Vinyl Wrap You Should Know

Vinyl wraps come in many different finishes and depending on the manufacturer they also come in a large array of colors. Often however they will come in one refined shade of each color in each finish.

The finishes you can choose from are gloss, matte, carbon fiber, brushed metals and satin.

Gloss aims to replicate the finish most commonly used in the painting of cars by manufacturers. It currently comes in a variety of colors but with restricted variations and shades of those colors.

Matte is the most common finish you may have seen trending in Europe and the States, its a statement maker however comes in few colors and limited variations. Think chalkboard black, it is the color without the shine. It appears very smooth and is sure to turn heads.

Carbon fiber vinyl is simply that, the cross-hatched carbon fiber is printed digitally in high quality onto the vinyl and when wrapped to your car you couldn’t tell if the panel is carbon fiber or not it is that good. It most commonly comes in black, white and an in-between like anthracite.

Brushed metal is a finish that looks very crisp and is currently not used too widely in the market, we believe because people simply do not know about it. It aims to replicate industrial metals with a brushed finish, such as aluminum, steel, and gold.

A common decision is to only wrap certain accents of the car. Those of us who modify cars often replace certain aesthetic pieces with a carbon fiber duplicate. This is usually done for its appearance and rarely done for the weight reduction factor that affects the car's performance. For anyone who has looked into full carbon fiber panels such as hoods, boot lids or side mirrors you would know they are quite costly.

The good news is that the same desired look can be achieved by a very small amount of vinyl. If you measure the panel's surface area and order the vinyl accordingly you could save a hundred in performing a DIY job. If you prefer to get sectional wrapping done professionally it will usually set you back a few hundred dollars for things like a hood or boot lid and around a hundred for side mirrors.