carlawrap red matte chrome vinyl car wrapping

Brand: Carlas
Vinyl Type: Matte Chrome 
Color: Red
Install Type: Full car wrap

The color-changing matte surface of this crown car is electroplated red, which is bright and deep red. It looks warm and enthusiastic. The matte surface electroplating texture and the intersection of red, so that the entire car surface burst out of open and wild temperament. The flowing red in the body lines glows like a flaming flame, with a strong vitality, and is full of hope like the dawn of dawn, which seduces our visual senses.

 Product Features: 
Super Vinyl 
*Using high polymer PVC vinyl 
*Double casting and solidification process 
*Super stretchability and weather resistance 
Initial Low Viscosity Glue 
*Low-viscosity glue 
*Firmly adhered without degumming 
*Easy to install 
Super Air Release 
*Super high-density air channels 
*Dry application no air bubbles 
*Exclude air very fast 
Super Stretchable 
*Up to 5 times ductility 
*Stretch does not change color, does not break 
*Perfect fit to large arc body 
*If the vinyl is wrinkled during construction 
*Heat up with a heat gun to restore 
*Do not damage the car paint after remove 
*Protection the car paint always as new 
*Keep the car in value 
Long Durability 
*Outdoor durability up to 3-5 years 
*Resistance high and low temperature 
*UV resistant 
Good Conformity 
*No cracking 
*Perfect wrap the full car body 
*Similar as the original paint