BMW Wrapping midnight blue matte metallic vinyl film

Brand: Carlas
Vinyl Type: Matte Chrome
Color: Dark Blue
Install Type: Full car wrap

Product Features:
Super Vinyl
*Using high polymer PVC vinyl
*Double casting and solidification process
*Super stretchability and weather resistance
Initial Low Viscosity Glue
*Low-viscosity glue
*Firmly adhered without degumming
*Easy to install
Super Air Release
*Super high-density air channels
*Dry application no air bubbles
*Exclude air very fast
Super Stretchable
*Up to 5 times ductility
*Stretch does not change color, does not break
*Perfect fit to large arc body
*If the vinyl is wrinkled during construction
*Heat up with a heat gun to restore
*Do not damage the car paint after remove
*Protection the car paint always as new
*Keep the car in value
Long Durability
*Outdoor durability up to 3-5 years
*Resistance high and low temperature
*UV resistant
Good Conformity
*No cracking
*Perfect wrap the full car body
*Similar as the original paint